“American citizenship is eroding”

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Ancient authors from Plato to Tacitus have suggested that affluence combined with leisure creates a laxity that leads to the kind of societal and institutional disintegration we are currently seeing. Another major ingredient is the failure of our education system to offer disinterested instruction, following from the post-1960s takeover by the Left of our colleges and universities.

Why and How the U.S. Should Stop Financing China’s Bad Actors

Imprimis October 2019

A company’s stock will likely decline when it becomes known that the company is providing surveillance cameras for concentration camps or producing ICBMs targeting American cities. You would think that demanding this kind of disclosure would be unobjectionable—but then why is it so hard? Is it because China would be offended?

Sacred Duty: A Soldier’s Tour at Arlington National Cemetery

We go to great lengths to recover fallen comrades, we honor them in the most precise and exacting ceremonies, we set aside national holidays to remember and celebrate them. We do these things for them, of course, but also for us, the living. Their stories of heroism, of sacrifice, and of patriotism remind us of what is best in ourselves, and they teach our children what is best in America.