What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?

D James Kennedy
President, Evangelism Explosion International

D James KennedyD. James Kennedy is the most listened to Presbyterian minister in the world today. His television and radio broadcasts are heard in 25,000 cities and towns across America. He heads up five major ministries. He is the senior minister of the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, which has over 8,000 members and has been cited by Decision magazine as one of the top five churches in the nation. He is the president of Evangelism Explosion International, which trains laymen in evangelism in 190 countries and 300 denominations. He also oversees the Westminster Academy, a K-12 school for over 1,000 students, and is chancellor of Knox Theological Seminary. Finally, he is president of Coral Ridge Ministries, a national network television ministry that was launched in 1978. Its one-hour telecast is broadcast on more than 470 stations and five cable networks and is also broadcast overseas. Its radio program is regularly heard on over 500 stations.

Reverend D. James Kennedy also participated in the November 1994 CCA, addressing an audience of over 1,500.

Some people have made transformational changes in one department of human learning or in one aspect of human life, and their names are forever enshrined in the annals of human history. But Jesus Christ, the greatest man who ever lived, has changed virtually every aspect of human life—and most people don’t know it. The greatest tragedy of the Christmas holiday each year is not so much its commercialization (gross as that is), but its trivialization. How tragic it is that people have forgotten Him to whom they owe so very much.

Jesus says in Revelation 21:5, “Behold, I make all things new.” (Behold! [idou in Greek]: “Note well,” “look closely,” “examine carefully.”) Everything that Jesus Christ touched, He utterly transformed. He touched time when He was born into this world; He had a birthday, and that birthday utterly altered the way we measure time.

Someone has said He has turned aside the river of ages out of its course and lifted the centuries off their hinges. Now, the whole world counts time as Before Christ (B.C.) and A.D.

Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which is tiny in and of itself; but, when fully grown, it provides shade and a resting place for many birds. This parable certainly applies to an individual who embraces Christ; it also applies to Christianity in the world.

Christianity’s roots were small and humble—an intinerant rabbi preached and did miracles for three and a half years around the countryside of subjugated Israel. And today there are more than 1.8 billion professing believers in Him found in most of the nations on earth! There are tens of millions today who it their life’s aim to serve Him alone.

Emperors and governors were the men with power in Christ’s day. But now their bodies rot in their sepulchers, and their souls await the Final Judgement. They have no followers today. No one worships them. No one serves them or awaits their bidding.

Despite its humble origins, the Church has made more changes on earth for the good than any other movement or force in history.

But the salvation of souls is the primary goal of the spread of Christianity. All other benefits are basically just the by-products of what Christianity has often brought when applied to daily living. When Jesus took upon Himself the form of man, He imbued mankind with a dignity and inherent value that had never been dreamed of before. Whatever Jesus touched or whatever He did transformed that aspect of human life. Many people will read about the innumerable small incidents in the life of Christ while never dreaming that those casually mentioned “little” things were to transform the history of mankind.