On Václav Klaus

Vaclav Klaus

We will have lived fortunate lives if we meet more people than we can count on our fingers who have studied the art of politics and the principles of economics, and who have done high and courageous service in that art. Today we meet and hear from such a man. Václav Klaus is the president […]

Hero, Standing

Abraham Lincoln Statue

Heroes have become invisible. Their virtues have become unexplainable in the language we now use to explain human actions . . . . Great deeds somehow keep on being done, but we have lost a capacity to see them as great. Biographies grow to ever-greater and greater lengths, while the subjects of them shrink into […]

Do We Need a New New Deal?

FDR Statue

The New Deal has probably been the greatest political force in America during the last 100 years, and Franklin D. Roosevelt has probably been the most influential president during this time. In our current economic crisis—which some have compared with the Great Depression— many critics are calling for more federal programs and a “New New […]

The Stakes are High

Children at school

My position on vouchers is clear. I support them and I oppose them. I always have. I support vouchers because the people in charge of public schools today confuse education with social engineering. The curriculum at Hillsdale Academy, our K-12 model school, was designed by teachers in our Education Department. Their guiding idea was common […]

A New Direction for Education Reform

Greek and brick building

Reforms intended to improve the quality of American education fall into three categories: those dealing with rules, those involving resources, and those concerned with incentives. Rules-based reforms include such measures as extending school days and the school year, changing teacher certification and school accreditation requirements, imposing national and state testing, and enacting stricter dress codes. […]