If America Dies

According to recent news reports about the economy, America appears to be doing better than ever before. The stock market is up, the deficit is down—prosperity seems to be everywhere. Morally and culturally, however, it is not an exaggeration to say that we are on the verge of bankruptcy. The fact is that over the […]

Athletics at Hillsdale College

Sports and education are inextricably linked in American society. Ideally, they complement one another. Intercollegiate athletics strive to instill specific moral qualities that are meant to be lifelong attributes: sportsmanship, leadership, optimism, self-discipline, loyalty, dedication, commitment, effort, sacrifice, and honor. For over a century and a half, athletics and academics have prospered together at Hillsdale […]

Imprimis 1987

I’m very concerned with heroism these days. I recently wrote a book called A World Without Heroes (emphasis on the word “without”), in which I observed that it’s becoming ever more difficult to stand up for principle in a world where principle is so frequently suppressed, devalued, mocked or confused with concepts like “self-expression,” “fulfillment” […]

What’s Going On?

What’s going on? is not a question to ask anyone in Washington these days because if you’re confused, your confusion is minimal compared to that down on the Potomac. With such in mind let me examine a few generally accepted assumptions held today in Washington, discuss their implications, and then offer some alternatives. First is […]