Towards a Theology of Politics

During the dark days of the Great Depression the world was learning an important lesson. When economic nationalism runs rampant and international trade and commerce disintegrate, a worldwide depression is unavoidable. In fact, every time an important country launches restrictive policies, a depression raises its ugly head. For one act of economic nationalism may generate […]


American Liberalism’s body of dogma has long contained a determined faith in the capacity of the Federal Government to intervene affirmatively in the affairs of its citizens. Another article of the liberal faith, held with equal determination, has been the belief that federal money does not produce federal control, particularly in educational matters. These two […]


Suppose that you wanted to destroy the game of baseball and remove it from the American scene. One obvious way would be to make other games—football, basketball, perhaps even cricket—so much more attractive to the public that no one would wish to see or play baseball. That would be the normal competitive way to destroy […]

What’s Going On?

What’s going on? is not a question to ask anyone in Washington these days because if you’re confused, your confusion is minimal compared to that down on the Potomac. With such in mind let me examine a few generally accepted assumptions held today in Washington, discuss their implications, and then offer some alternatives. First is […]

Revolution and the Press

F. Scott Fitzgerald came into contact with the power worshippers of Hollywood and came away with an interesting definition. A first-class mind, he said, can accept and retain the existence of two sets of facts that appear to contradict each other. As we know, most people can’t do that. They will accept a set of […]